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By Claire Bernish

Covered in swastikas and walking through the streets with a Nazi salute, Donald Trump finally did the unthinkable. The GOP nominee on Thursday released a bizarre, cringeworthy television ad—and yes, it’s as racist as you might expect.

The 2-minute clip begins with ominous music and a shot of Hillary Clinton, whose face morphs into that of a raging demon before being overtaken by a melding of the State of Liberty and the late Hollywood comedian-actor Charlie Chaplin, presumably portraying Adolf Hitler. The Donald Trump-Hitler transformation happens next.

In the ad, which the Washington Post reports was “placed on cable systems in at least four states,” a narrator ominously warns voters about the election’s stakes, stating, “On November 8th, the establishment will be defending itself, and you, the American people, will be defending our country from the greatest political crime in history.”

The ad also encourages voters to cast their ballot for the candidate who could literally be the next Hitler, though that’s not his only problem.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans,” the ad claims, “Terrorists invade our nation and advance, and law and order can’t be enforced.”

Except Clinton’s plan to defeat ISIS isn’t particularly outrageous—or radical. She has vowed to “work closely with our allies to dismantle the global terror network,” and while “we can’t let them have a safe haven,” we “must take the fight to ISIS on the ground.”

“It’s time for a tough, no-nonsense commander-in-chief who will defend our borders,” the narrator states—ignoring the fact Trump has not only used his campaign to prove he isn’t tough, but quite the opposite.

Trump’s ad concludes with a new threat to America: a nuclear arms race, because Clinton doesn’t care enough to ensure the weapons can’t fall into “the hands of the wrong people.”

In actuality, Clinton has been vocal about ensuring “that people who already have nuclear weapons, including the United States and Russia, are working to reduce their stockpiles” and will “prevent terrorists and rogue states from acquiring weapons of mass destruction.”

The Post surmises Trump’s ad was created in an attempt to capture the support of voters still undecided—though in the last month, both his polling numbers and party support have plummeted.

His call for racial profiling, in which Trump insisted he is not a bigot, is far from the only controversy to plague his campaign—and each day, his behavior only becomes more concerning, and more unhinged.

After an earlier ad warned voters about the threat of an impending crime wave should Clinton become president, many criticized its unmistakably racist overtones.

In reality, the nation’s crime rates have steadily decreased for years—but Trump’s ad seems to predict a far more sinister future for America, where police officers are gunned down in cold blood and inner cities resemble Iraq or Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning on a message of love and inclusiveness, while Donald Trump wants to divide and conquer, and scare voters into believing the country is on the brink of collapse.

Whether you support Clinton or Trump, the choice is clear—at least, we hope it is.

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